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Bansari Patel

Hi all... ! As this website is about my dream works and I want to share my thoughts about my dream works. Painting is the most important thing of my life. I am interested in many types of art like sketch, craft etc. My works are always revolve around my dream works. I believe in the power of imagination indeed power in nature's beauty. My life without art seems unimaginable to me. I love to bring down my imagination on canvas. If you have a dream like me then why you are waiting. You need to follow your dream and work for victory.

" Don't dream your life, live your dream. "

It's absolutely true. Follow your dreams. You need to understand the importance of your dream. Painting is one of thing of my life which gives me lots of happiness. For me living my life without stress and frustration is only possible because of my dream works. It works like medicine. It's completely magical.

Bansari Patel
About Me

Name:Bansari Patel


Location:Gujarat, India

By profession, I'm a teacher and By passion I'm an Artist. I really love to embrace my dreams. To dream & design artwork is my passion. I enjoy what I do: my work, sketch & paint. And I'm fond of crafting out my fantasy using waste material into something very charming. I also believe in the power of imagination. I like to be completely lost in my world of imagination. What makes me feel happy is spending time for my dreams and sketch out them on my painting. Always do what makes you happy! My dream work makes me happy. Hence, I decided to share my work with co-thinker to inspire & learn. I don't have any formal qualification, certificate or training related to art. But at the end of the day it doesn't matter. I believe that my passion for art is enough for my work to get kick start my dream world into my dream work.

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Gujarat, India


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